How do you scratch?

Customer perspectiveBy Kate Weckerly, Communications intern

Today I went out to meet some of the Ohio Lottery’s dedicated players, and gained a little perspective!

As it turns out, many players employ different strategies when choosing their scratch-off instant tickets. “I like to see what other people are playing,” said Promise, at Lucky’s Beverage in Parma. “Then if they lose, I play the ticket right after theirs because maybe that’s the winning one.”

“I always ask what the ticket number is,” said another Lucky’s Beverage customer. “Today, I bought the $5 Cashword because it was ticket number 11, and my son’s birthday is the 11th.”

Lottery players not only use different strategies, but also scratch their tickets differently. “When I play Lottery, it’s my ‘chill time,'” explained a regular player at Parma’s Deli Mart. “I like to take the tickets home, relax and then scratch them.”

Other customers prefer to scratch the tickets at the store so they can get their winnings immediately. “I always use my winnings to buy more. I enjoy playing, and I love when I win more,” said a customer of Audrey’s Delicatessen in Cleveland.

Most of the players I got the chance to speak with have been playing for years and still enjoy the games. “If it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t play,” stated a Deli Mart Lottery customer.

Lottery store employees also had some input. “We sell tickets of every price,” said the employee of Deli Mart. “It doesn’t matter how expensive because, to the customers, the higher the price, the better the chances of winning.”

Pam of Audrey’s Delicatessen and Jessie of Lucky’s Beverage both agree that they have gotten to know their Lottery customers over time. Customer favorites at their store locations include Cash Explosion, $5 Special Edition Cashword, and Monopoly Millionaires’ Club.

The Lottery’s new Monopoly Millionaires’ Club tickets offer a second chance drawing opportunity to play the Millionaires’ Club experience in Las Vegas for a chance to win up to $1 million. Every dollar spent on a ticket is equal to one drawing entry. For more information, visit

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What instant tickets do you like the best?



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