Winner Wednesday

fireworks-102971__180Celebrate good times, come on! We’ll be celebrating the July 4 holiday soon, and some Lottery players will get a head start on celebrating after winning. It’s Winner Wednesday and time to celebrate that halfway mark of the week: these Lottery players got a bonus.  They won!

It was a birthday celebration that was late, but it turned out to be great! Three friends who live on the same street and have been playing together for three years will share a $100,000 prize on the $500,000 Money Club instant. Julia Wauligman, Antoinette Ebert and Valerie Rinear, all of Cincinnati, waited to celebrate Julia’s June 3 birthday because someone in the group was not in town. Over the weekend, they bought the winning ticket from Delhi Liquor in Cincinnati.  The trio splits $71,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes  totaling 29 percent. Julia, the group spokesperson, says she will buy a car, Toni will use her windfall on her house and she doesn’t know  how Valerie will spend hers.

16-6 Quk spt_$17,359_Shirley Simon.jpg

Shirley Simon of Fairview Park won $17,359 on Quick Spot.

Cindy Cale of Scio won $50,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

Ralph Peak of Litchfield won $20,000 on $100,000 A Year for Life.

Anthony Kreps of Elyria won $18,266 on Quick Spot.

Michael Schneider of Wellington won $50,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

David Volz of Loveland won $50,000 on EZPLAY Black Jack.

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is $222 Million. Classic Lotto is $8.7 million.

Want to be part of the celebration? Play Ohio Lottery games!

Congratulations winners! 

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