Cash tickets without the hassle

The Ohio Lottery’s bank-cashing program is an easy way to cash winning tickets without the hassle!

Winning tickets worth $600-$5,000 can be cashed at a bank near you. Your retailer can provide you with bank-cashing locations in your area, or you can check out this list. Please note that the banks charge a processing fee of $10 for this service.

In order to cash tickets at the bank, proper identification is required. This includes a valid photo ID containing both your social security number and current address OR a photo ID containing a current address and your social security card.

In addition to banks, you will soon be able to cash winning tickets at all 7 racinos. Currently, the Hard Rock Racino can cash winning tickets worth $600-$5,000, with the rest of the Ohio racinos following shortly.

When using the bank-cashing program or cashing tickets at a racino, you still need to file a claim, and you can do that at home. Follow this link to email yourself a claim form and get more info on how to claim a prize.

Tickets under $600 can be cashed at a retailer, and tickets over $5,000 must be cashed through the Ohio Lottery. Click here to find an Ohio Lottery regional location in your area.

The Ohio Lottery continues to pursue new opportunities for ticket cashing for our customers. Thanks for playing!

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