What’s it like to be an Ohio Lottery sales rep?

Days that are jam packed. Days that are full of instant ticket deliveries and returns, spin and wins, and store makeovers. That is a the day of an Ohio Lottery sales rep. They’re up and moving and in and out of a van, all day rain, sleet, or snow.

I got a first hand view of the action, and boy was it a sight to see. I was side by side with sales rep Tom Callahan at the Lorain regional office. We traveled from Avon to Amherst taking care of lottery retailers that were on his daily route.

Top of the morning we arrived at one of the lottery’s highest selling retailers, the Valero in Lorain. Tina, the owner, said “Tom is the best” he was always there when she needed him. Tom in turn said the same of her. It appears that a cohesive relationship with the sales rep and retailer is a recipe for success.

The next 2 agents that we visited were all smiles when they saw Tom coming. They too had nothing but kind words to say about him.


The middle of our day was a Spin’n Win at Main Street Market, in South Amherst, a previous Ohio Lottery Retailer of the Week.  As soon as we walked in a customer said to Tom “Hey you!” This was a surprise to see. A lottery sales rep that not only was well liked by his retailers, but also by the customers. There was a such a community  feel at this store. I stared at the line of people waiting a half an hour early to participate in the Spin’n Win fun. It was nice to see people come together, enjoy each others company, and have some winning fun.

Once we finished up with the Spin’n Win the owner gave Tom a big heart filled hug and thanked us. Tom humbly said, “You’re welcome,” and we continued on with our day. I said to Tom as we drove to our next destination, “That was nice.” He replied, ” Yeah, that’s how my days are. Nice.”

Though his days, from my perspective, looked to be busy and sometimes tumultuous, Tom always gave 100% to his retailers. And yes it was just that, nice.

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1 Response to What’s it like to be an Ohio Lottery sales rep?

  1. Glossie says:

    Sounds like a great job. Meeting different people and traveling around to different places all the time—-The only thing is–You can’t play the Ohio Lottery and I don’t think I would like that!

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