Retailer hosts Cash Explosion extravaganza

Lynn Rush started playing Cash Explosion after his wife, Debbie Rush, the owner of Christiansburg General Store, was chosen as an Ohio Lottery Retailer-of-the-Week and appeared as a guest on the Cash Explosion show. He went with her and enjoyed the experience so much he wanted to be on the show again.

After months of mailing in his non-winning tickets, Lynn still had no luck. Then one day, Debbie looked down at the envelope and saw he was sending the tickets to the wrong address! Someone should have told him that he can also enter his non-winning tickets online through MyLotto Rewards.

20160810_094543.jpgDebbie gave him the correct address, and after only six entries, Lynn was selected to go on the Cash Explosion show. He appeared on the show that aired on July 23 and won $8,500. Debbie and Lynn decided to host a party to celebrate and watch with friends and family.

But they didn’t just host a party, they held a mock show! Debbie and Lynn both wore their Cash Explosion tee shirts they got from being on set. They used the Cash Explosion logo to make raffle tickets. Everyone who attended got a raffle ticket and a Cash Explosion instant ticket. Then, they held a drawing and gave away Lottery merchandise, given to them by their sales representative, Dee Sommer. Prizes included hats, tee shirts, water bottles, beach towels, pens and more. Meanwhile, they aired the Cash Explosion episode starring Lynn for everyone to watch. They finished off the night with music and fireworks.

“We had so much fun,” said Debbie.

After Lynn was on the show, Cash Explosion instant ticket sales skyrocketed at the store.

“[Sales] increased dramatically…everyone is really excited and wants to go on the show, too,” explained Debbie.

For more information on how to win a spot on the show, visit:

Thanks to Debbie and Lynn for their enthusiasm and dedication to the Ohio Lottery!

Are you mailing in your Cash Explosion tickets? If so, make sure you have the right address, or just skip the postage and sign up for a MyLotto Rewards account. You can enter your non-winning and Cash Explosion ENTRY tickets online. Just click here to set up your account.




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