Lottery retailer donates commission to feed the hungry

By Kate Weckerly, Communications

Who would you help if you won?

Earlier this month, Kroger in Vandalia, Ohio sold a winning Mega Millions ticket for $3 million. As a result, Kroger received a $1,000 commission bonus from the Lottery. But the store isn’t keeping that for itself. Instead, the staff at Kroger decided to put that money back into the community it serves.

The entirety of the check will be given to the Vandalia Food Pantry to hevegetables-449950_1280 (1).jpglp feed the hungry.

“We’re donating to [Vandalia Food Pantry] because they are a good customer, are helpful in the community, and we are dedicated to our community partnerships,” said Jennifer Lankford, Kroger employee. “We also give all of our perishable foods that are close to expiration to food pantries.”

But Kroger’s giving doesn’t stop there. According to Jennifer, the store is dedicated to a mission of philanthropy and community support. And considering that the Kroger Co. family of stores contributes over $220 million each year in funds, food and products to support education and communities, I’d say she’s right.

Thank you Kroger for supporting both the Ohio Lottery and the Vandalia community!

To find out more about the Vandalia Food Pantry, visit:             

To learn more about Kroger Stores, visit:

To learn more about Mega Millions, visit:




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