Ready to Raffle?

Ohio50-50If you love a good old fashioned 50/50 raffle, get ready for our first statewide weekly raffle drawing, the Ohio 50/50!

Each week players will vie to win the jackpot prize, with 50 percent of every purchase funding the jackpot. The game also includes ten second tier winners of $2,000 and 25 third tier winners of $500.

The game goes on sale Monday, August 29 at a cost of $1 per wager or $5 for six. Each ticket contains a unique 7-digit serial number, and tickets will be sold in sequential order for each drawing.

Drawings will be held on Saturdays at 10 p.m. We hope you’ll jump in and be part of the fun! Don’t forget your ticket for the Ohio 50/50. Sales begin August 29 with the first drawing set for September 3.


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5 Responses to Ready to Raffle?

  1. kevin stout says:

    How do they explain there only being 6 numbers, on last nights drawing 9-17-16????? there was 7 numbers in the rules & the past 2 weeks??????

  2. Phil Roberts says:

    How do you know if you win the 2nd and 3rd tier prizes when only one number is published?

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