The benefits of this Winner Wednesday!

There are a lot of benefits to this Wednesday, let me count the ways. Ohio is expected to reach 90 degrees today, still time for some swimming. For many people this is a four day work week since Monday was Labor Day. And our winners are counting dollars after winning Ohio Lottery games.

David Young of Chippewa is counting his cash after he won the inaugural drawing of our new game, Ohio 50/50. He won $100,778 , the top prize in the game.


After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, Young receives a lump sum of $71,552. He purchased his ticket from Circle K in Seville. Young said he didn’t realize it was the first draw for this game, and he has already purchased tickets for next Saturday’s drawing.

The Ohio Lottery began selling the Ohio 50/50 is drawn Saturday night. One lucky winner takes home half of the total weekly game sales. Additionally, ten winners get $2,000 and 25 win $500.

Gene Bateman of Millfield multiplied his $50,000 Powerball prize by saying yes to Powerplay.  It turned his $50,000 win into $150,000. The Powerplay number was three. Bateman says the win will lift him and his family out of their financial rut. In search of bigger jackpots, he changed  from playing Pick 3 and started playing Mega Millions, Classic Lotto and Powerball.  This prize is the most he’s ever won and he plans to use it to get caught up on some bills.

Brandon Keegan of Clyde won $20,000 on Fabulous Fortune. He says this has been a lucky year for him because he has had a few other wins, but this is the biggest. Keegan purchased his winning ticket from Dave’s Park Avery Store  in Milan, Ohio.

Roy Kay of Lorain won $20,000 on Fabulous Fortune. He purchased the ticket from West Erie Food Mart in Lorain.


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