Makeover Takeover

If you play the Ohio Lottery, then you probably go to the same location to get your tickets everyday. If that is the case, have you ever walked into that location, looked around and it looked completely different than it did the day before? That’s because they received a little face lift from their Ohio Lottery sales rep.

Every day a lottery retailer receives a store makeover.  Store makeovers are very important when it comes to setting Ohio Lottery retailers up for success. That is why I was so excited to be a part of the process.


Top: Before and after shots of Abbe Road Drive Thru, Bottom: Before and after shots of Avon Lake Food Mart

One hot summer day in July, I set out with two lottery sales reps to beautify a couple of retailers. Sales reps Kelly Krause, Tom Callahan, and myself visited four separate locations and added some much needed Ohio Lottery flare to these retailers. Abbe Road Drive Thru in Elyria received the face lift of the day. This retailer has a special room set aside for its KENO players, so  we hung Ohio Lottery banners, big jackpot signs, and decorated the windows to give it a winning atmosphere.

While we were doing the makeover two customers that frequent the store looked on. They kept us company as they talked about winning, and giving the money to their grandchildren. The time seemed to pass much faster  because of them. After it was complete the two men said, “looks good guys.” It felt good to know that our work was appreciated. The day proved not just to be productive but fulfilling.

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