Winner Wednesday

Getting some unexpected cash is always good, especially in the form of a winning Ohio Lottery ticket. The following players can attest to it.

9-27-16-003Marvin Spaulding of McArthur is a loyal lottery player.  On Tuesday he went to the Athens Regional office to claim  five $5,000 Pick 4 wins. With the $25,000 win, he plans to pay off a credit card. Deborah, his wife, says they plan to blow some of it.

Donna Sharp of Sandusky won $14,680 on the EZPLAY Going Pro.  She purchased the ticket from Kokomos At the Keys in Huron.

Lashaunda Brown of Youngstown won $300,000 on the instant game $300,000 Jackpot. Shaunda says now she can buy a house a bit earlier than she planned, but first she’ll buy a new car.  She bought the winning ticket from Shell Food Mart in Youngstown.  Shell Food Mart receives a $3,000 bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket.

Ronald Linard of Westerville won $10,000 on $1,000,000 Jackpot. He purchased the winning ticket from The Kroger Company #920.


Bernard Wilczenski, owner of Al’s Tavern in Garfield Heights sold the winning September 17, 2016 50/50 Raffle ticket. He sold the $108,519 winning ticket to his son, Paul.

Congratulations winners! 






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