Winner Wednesday

Some lottery players have amazing claim stories to tell; others are just happy to win. Regardless of what they won, we love to celebrate them every Winner Wednesday!

16-money-club-50k-winner_aaron-chandler-jpgMeet Aaron Chandler, a construction worker from Peebles. He won $50,000 on Ohio’s $500,000 Money Club. He purchased his winner from William’s Corner in Piketon. Pictured with his wife Lacey and son Zaiden,  Aaron plans to pay off a couple of bills and bank the rest.

William Hayes and his better half, Linda Shiller, both of Athens had a fun stop in our regional office. Hayes won $5,000 on a Pick 4.  A loyal lottery player, he says he has had several wins in the past and they always come in handy. He and Linda will pay off bills and bank the rest.16-pick4-5k-winner-william-hayes-jpg

Dennis Collum of Toledo was really on a lucky streak. He won $70,000 after purchasing two winning tickets from Johnny’s Mini Mart within a half hour of one another.  Collum bought  the  $500,000,000 Spectacular Game and won $50,000.  In his excitement to share the news, he ran right home and then realized he needed a claim form. So he went back to Johnny’s  to get a claim form and bought another ticket, this time a $30 40th Anniversary instant. Scanning it while in the Mini Mart, he discovered it was a $20,000 winner. Talk about amazing luck!

Bill Szabo from Wakeman is smiling all the way to the bank. He played Rolling Cash 5 and won $249,000. bill-szabo

Congratulations, winners!







Congratulations winners!

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