Winner Wednesday…and winning is in the air!

Besides  the winning excitement that comes with the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers, there is winning excitement with winners of Ohio Lottery games.  Welcome to Winner Wednesday!


Anne Wolf of Euclid is the top prize winner in the game Win it All. Anne did just that; she won $250,000! Anne was the lucky one out of 25 eligible top prize drawing entries in the final  drawing on September 29. She bought her ticket on February 22 from Marc’s #10. With the help of her daughter Donna, she got a surprise visit from the Ohio Lottery Top Prize Drawing team on October 14. Donna says she and her brothers no longer have to worry about any of Anne’s care. The win will take care of it all.

Sarah Skidmore of Bucyrus won $15,000 on Cashword Tripler.  She purchased her ticket from Northside Fuel Stop in Bucyrus.


Dennis Lurry of Lorain won $10,000 on Gold.  He purchased his winning ticket from Sunoco Hop-In.

Morgan Hazelwood of Lorain won $7,698 on EZPLAY Going Pro.

Richard Combs of Lorain won $10,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10. Richard purchased his winning ticket from Sunoco.




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