Winner Wednesday

yoder-jpgWinning the lottery makes you want to scream, “yahoo!” Michele and Vince Yoder of Wooster found this out when she bought a $50 A Day instant  winner from Triway Bowling winning the top prize.  After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, the Yoders receive $18,250 yearly.

Michele said she had to do a double take. She says she plays every once in a while and the most she’s ever won was $50. The windfall will help with their three children who will soon be  in  college. A little extra will help with the little things, and then they will treat themselves, she said.

In addition to the win, the Yoders will receive a bit more. The couple owns Triway Bowling Alley where Michelle bought the ticket. As a retailer, they receive a $10,000 agent bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket.

Millard Stull of Lorain County  won  $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword. He receives $71,000 after mandatory taxes. He bought the winning ticket from Sunoco in Lorain. Sunoco receives a $1,000 bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket.

James Beaverson of Liberty Center won $300,000 in the Lucky Streaktop prize drawing. He receives $213,000 after taxes. He purchased his $5,500 semi-finalist ticket on May 18, 2015. There were 21 entries in the final drawing on November 1, 2016. Liberty Center Main Stop #14 receives a $3,000 agent bonus for selling the semi-finalist ticket.

Tod Locher of Lorain won $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword.  He receives $71,000 after taxes.

James Moser of Amherst won $50,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.

Roger Vaughn on Parkersburg, West Virginia won $77,500 playing the November 2 midday Pick 5.

Timothy Carter of Ladson, SC won $25,417 playing the Pick 5 game.

David Samples of Grafton won $30,000 playing the Pick 5 game.

Orville Platte of Norwalk won $10,000 on $5 Million Cash Showcase.

Jimmy Martin of Elyria won $5,500 and an entry into the Special Edition Cashword Top Prize Drawing. The entry allows him a chance to win the $100,000 top prize in the final drawing of the game.

Michael Wilson of Grafton won $5,500 and an entry into the $300 Million Diamond Dazzler Top Prize Drawing for a chance to win $2 million.

Peter Kastanis of Vermillion won $194,000 in the November 8 Rolling Cash 5 game. He purchased the winning ticket from Mickey Mart in Vermillion. Mickey Mart receives a $500 bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket.

Congratulations to all!









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