Southside Bell Store #65 named Retailer-of-the-Week

bellestore-jpgNEW PHILADELPHIA, OH – Part of the Bell Stores Chain #0184, the manager of Southside Bell Store #65 describes the business in three words. We sell winners! Located at 110 Commercial Ave SE, the Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Southside Bell Store #65 as Retailer-of-the-Week for the week of Nov. 14, 2016.

Dena Lovell manages the store. She’s been selling lottery for 21 years at this location. She says if you’re going to be a successful retailer, you have to learn all you can about online games. Ten employees work the lottery machine and Lovell says that they have customers’ numbers memorized for Classic, Rolling Cash 5 and Pick 3. They also promote lottery with window signs and displays of various winning tickets. The store has a friendly atmosphere; customers like to sit and scratch tickets at the table.

“Our sales rep Jim Graven brings flyers with winning tickets that customers have won and they are posted on the Lottery boxes for others to see that the store sells winners,” Lovell said. Graven says the staff knows the ins and outs of all lottery games and tickets are always ready to fill empty cubes. The business carries 22 instant games over the counter, the weekly sales average is $13,100 for on-line and instants.

Bell Stores Chain # 65 will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on November 19, 2016. Tuscarawas County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WFMJ NBC Channel 21 in Youngstown. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.




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