Winner Wednesday… a little late

Something happened and our Winner Wednesday blog didn’t post as scheduled last week. It’s a little late, but it’s never to late to see who’s winning! The following Ohio Lottery winners are counting their reasons to be thankful.

004Nancy and Patrick Bruce of Peebles are in the Columbus office because Nancy won $100,000 playing KENO. She got the winning ticket from Crossroads in Waverly.

Martin Fair of Reynoldsburg  matched five numbers and no Lucky Ball on November 17 to win $25,000 a year for LIFE in the Lucky for Life game. Fair used auto pick and chose the cash option.  That cash option prize is $390,000 before taxes. He receives a lump sum, $276,900 after mandatory federal and state taxes. Reynoldsburg Duchess receives  a $2,500 retailer bonus for selling a second-tier winning ticket.

The holder of a $1 million winning  $500,000,000 Spectacular ticket has claimed their prize in a trust.  Robert A. Retske of Toledo is Trustee of the RAV V Blind Trust. The winner chose the cash option.  The RAV V Blind Trust receives a lump sum, $355,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes. Secor & Sylvania Shell in Toledo sold the winning ticket.

Crystal Eitner of Vermillion is feeling like a champion after she won $20,000 on the new Cleveland Cavaliers Champions instant.

Don’t forget to play tonight’s Powerball! With a jackpot of $359,000,000 a win could make your holiday and your life pretty sweet!


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