Win Big with the Newest Instant Tickets

A new family of instant tickets is here and they bring a guest along with them. This is no ordinary family either, they could make you a winner.

onsale_nov_30Meet $1 Hit $50, $2 Hit $100, and $5 Hit $500, and their amazing plus one $20 $5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular. With multiple chances to win and huge top prizes you won’t be able to get enough.

$1 Hit $50 is loaded with $50 prizes, and has a top prize of $5,000.

$2 Hit $100 keeps the theme but raises the winnings, with a $20,000 top prize.

The last family member $5 Hit $500 offers over $6 million in $500 prizes and a boasts a top prize of $300,000.

Let us not forget about their buddy $20 $5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular. This ticket is chock full of prizes. You can win up to 100 times your prize. It has over $56 million in prizes ranging from $30 to $100, in addition to 10 prizes from $1 million to $5 million! Don’t miss out on the winning excitement, get your tickets today!

Looking for MORE instant tickets? Just click here for a look at our entire lineup of tickets.

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