Winner Wednesday

Now that the Christmas holiday is over,  we can all relax with a sigh of relief. The following Ohio Lottery players are breathing a bit easier after winning lottery games.20161220_132107

Brian Phelps of Salem is a top prize winner of $150,000 on the game $500 Frenzy.  One of 19 entries, he bought his $5,500 semi-finalist ticket from Alliance Duchess on July 20, 2015.  He plans to pay bills with the net amount of $106,500 after mandatory federal and state taxes of 29 percent. Alliance Duchess receives a $1,500 bonus for selling the qualifying winning ticket.

A few days before Christmas, Michael Woodruff of Hamden was seeing green in the nick of time. He won $300,000 on the Ruby Red 7’s game. After taxes he receives $213,000 and says he is going to be debt free. Gas N Stuff in Hamden receives a $3,000 agent bonus for selling a top prize Ruby Red 7’s instant  ticket.

Bradley Kunkle of Charlotte, North Carolina won $10,000 on Holiday Lucky X 20.  He bought his winning ticket from Pilot Travel Center #309 in Caldwell.



Melinda Oney of Londonderry won $23,524 on the EZPLAY Quick Spot.  She bought the winner from Zane Tavern.









Cicely Morgan of Columbus won $10,000 on Monopoly Millionaire’s Club. She bought  the winning ticket from AM Smoke Shop.


Kay Sweeney received a Lottery ticket as a Christmas gift from her son. We told you that Lottery tickets make great gifts all  year round. Well it turned out to be a great gift. Kay won  $5,000 on the Holiday Lucky X 20.  She is going to  share the wealth with him. They are planning a weekend trip to Scioto Downs. Kay wants to see if she can  multiply her gift.


Gary Stanley of Chesterhill, Ohio won $10,000 on $5 Million  Multiplier Spectacular.

David Dungan of Russell, Kentucky won $10,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.

Jack and Faith Kelly of Brunswick won $40k for 25 years on the 40th Anniversary Millions instant. The ticket has a cash or annuity option the Kelly’s  chose the annuity.

Cecilia Choromanski of  Parma won $10,000 on Hit $500.



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