Celebrating 30 years of Cash Explosion

The calendar has turned once again and here we are entering 2017. Can you believe it marks the 30th year of our Cash Explosion show? The first Cash Explosion show aired on February 7, 1987. Over the years the show has had a few different names and different hosts, but the one thing that remains the same is the contestants. We love to see real Ohioans on the show every week winning big, and the chances to win big are going to be even more exciting this year.

ce30_goldAs part of the 30th Anniversary celebration, Cash Explosion has added new prizes to the game board. You might find a new TV, a laptop, smartphone or gift cards!

A new 30th Anniversary Cash Explosion ticket will also be coming to your local Lottery retailer this month! This special ticket will feature a 30th Anniversary symbol which will get you a chance to be in a special drawing to become a contestant on the 30th anniversary show for an incredible grand prize! All entries for the anniversary show must be submitted online.

Once we hit June, watch out because Cash Explosion is getting extra-large. Players will have their best chance yet to get on Cash Explosion. Special shows will air June 3 through August 19, leading right up to the 30th Anniversary Cash Explosion show.

It’s going to be an exciting year!



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