Stakes Shortstop is January 23, 2017 Retailer-of-the-Week

155LOUDONVILLE, OH – Stephany Stake owns Stakes Shortstop located at 3052 St. Rt. 2 in Loudonville. Located in a heavy tourist area, the unique location provides great customer service and the business is well known in the community. The Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Stakes Shortstop as Retailer-of-the-Week for the week of January 23, 2017.

When you’re the only Lottery retailer within a three mile radius, you make sure you give the best customer service: your reputation is on the line. Twelve years ago the Stake family bought the business making sure the service made their customers happy. The insurance: having employees with winning smiles on their faces every time a customer entered the store.

“We want to make sure every customer is happy and satisfied with their purchase and we always let them leave with a ‘good luck’,” said Miranda Stake, who manages the store. “When we get new tickets we base tickets off of our customers’ wants. We post winning amounts, have a board listing our instant games and answer all questions thoroughly. We are friendly and we listen to the customers wants and encourage them to buy certain tickets for better chances to win.”

Stakes Shortstop carries 25 instant games and has a weekly selling average of $3,000 for instant and on-line games.

Stakes Shortstop will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on January 28. Ashland County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WEWS ABC Channel 5 in Cleveland. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Congratulations Stakes Shortstop





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