Cash Explosion fans’ food donations tip the scales

harvest-for-hungerEvery year the Cash Explosion Show participates in the Harvest for Hunger Campaign to help get food to families in need across the state of Ohio. Our awesome Cash Explosion fans donated food during show tapings over the last three months, and those donations added up to over 1.5 tons of food! The Cash Explosion crew boxed it up and made the drop off at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank on Wednesday.

According to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, the need is great across the state of Ohio. The donations help people in need from young families trying to make ends meet to the elderly living on a fixed income.

ce-food-bank“I just really want to thank all the audience members and friends and family of the Cash Explosion contestants for their generosity and for participating in this campaign with us, ” Steve Davis, Cash Explosion production assistant said.

The food collection will continue for the next three months. Any audience member who brings ten or more cans of food to a studio taping will receive a special raffle ticket for a chance to win a gift card during the taping.

Click here to learn more about how you can be a member of the audience!


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