Winner Wednesday

Happy Winner Wednesday! The following players are adding their names to the Ohio Lottery’s winners map.

Linda S. Drushel-Snyder (Susie) from Ashland won $10,000 on Keno. She’s putting her windfall in the bank.keno-winner-jpg

Wendell Niles of Cincinnati won $271,000 in the January 28 rolling Cash 5 game. Winton Sunoco receives a $500 agent bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Richard Ward of Marietta won $300,000 on Special Edition Cashword.  Par Mar Store #6 receives a$3,000 bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket.

Vickie Tenney of Perry won $50,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

Edgar Sayler of Cincinnati won $50,000 on Holiday Lucky times 20.

Matthew Flis of Parma won $50,000 on the January 18 Powerball drawing.

Juanita Johnson of Hamilton won $42,854 on the January 28 Ohio 50/50 game.

Sarah Pickering Beers of Garfield Heights won $25,000 on the January 19 Pick 5 game.

Silvia Escalante of  Berea won $20,000 on KENO.

Bruce Bell of Cleveland won $15,000 on the January 19 Mega Millions game.

Joanne Finkel of Marietta won $10,000 on KENO.

Steven Chapman of East Lynn, West Virginia won $10,000 on Maximum Fortune.

Louis Kelbacher of Parma won $10,000 on Double Sided Dollars.

Robert Delaney of Elyria won $5,400 in the January 26 Pick 4 drawing.

Bettie Howard of Wellington won $5,200 in the January 26 Pick 4 drawing.



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