Happy 30th Anniversary Cash Explosion


Cash Explosion celebrates 30 years on the air! That’s right, Ohio’s one and only money giveaway game show has been creating winners since 1987.

What better way to commemorate the show’s big 3-0 than to release a limited anniversary edition instant ticket? Just like the original ticket, there is a $5,000 top prize, and revealing “Entry” three times makes you eligible to be on the game show.

The things that make this ticket limited are the added Bonus Play and the chance to win $300,000 or more on the Second Chance Anniversary TV special. All that you have to do for that chance is reveal a “30” Anniversary symbol and enter your ticket online.

This awesome new ticket gives you the best chance ever to get on the TV show! Special shows will air every Saturday from June 3 until August 19 getting ready for the 30th Anniversary Cash Explosion show. Don’t miss out on the celebration! Get your tickets today!

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2 Responses to Happy 30th Anniversary Cash Explosion

  1. Ray says:

    I finally got one of the anniversary entries. I’m praying .

  2. Kristy says:

    I wonder how many there are total? I got one last week and one this week.

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