pb_jackpot_alert_022217What would you do with $403 million? It is fun to dream about how you’d take care of family and friends, make the better world a better place or take a vacation… or several every year if you were to win!

Tonight’s jackpot isn’t the biggest we’ve seen in the game’s history, but $403 million is nothing to turn up your nose at! If you win and take the cash option, the payout is $243.9 million. Not bad at all!

Many people will be playing, so don’t forget you can skip the line and go directly to one of our vending machines to purchase your Powerball ticket. You can also get the Ohio Lottery mobile app to keep an eye on the winning numbers and scan your ticket to see if you’re a winner.

Even if you don’t win tonight, all is not lost. Enter your non-winning Powerball ticket for the Powerball Power Cruise promotion. Fifty Ohio winners will be chosen for a Caribbean cruise for two just for Powerball players! Click here for more information.

Whether you’re dreaming of a luxury home or simply looking to sit back and enjoy the rest of your life with no worries, all it takes is one ticket to make it happen! Tonight’s the night!

Good luck!


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