Pearl Road Sunoco is April 3, 2017 Retailer-of-the-Week

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS – Selling Lottery for almost 20 years, owner Quais Allan knows the value in keeping a clean business, greeting customers with a smile, and taking pride in how business is conducted. At 7606 Pearl Road in Middleburg Heights, the Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Pearl Road Sunoco as Retailer-of-the-Week for the week of April 3, 2017.

Allan has a business strategy, honest employees, a clean store, signs in the window and lottery cubes on the front counter next to the register. He adds that his employees are very welcoming to the customer, greeting everyone with a smile. Adding pearls of wisdom for being successful, Allan said he would tell newcomers “to keep a good appearance, be honest and communicate with the customer.”

“We take pride in getting to know them,” he said. “At any point of sale, we ask if they need any lottery tickets.”

Pearl Road Sunoco carries 57 instants. Weekly sales for instant and on-line games average $12,300. Kathy Verrell, the sales representative, recommends Pearl Road Sunoco because she says the agent welcomes most of his customers by name and with a smile. He keeps a clean store and his cubes are up front on the counter. Customers feel at home there and keep coming back.

Pearl Road Sunoco will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on April 8, 2017. Cuyahoga County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WEWS-ABC Channel 5 in Cleveland. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Congratulations Pearl Road Sunoco!


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