Take Part in Nostalgia with these New Instant Tickets

On April 5th some pretty exciting new instants will be released.  $1 Give Me 5, $2 Three Stooges, $5 Price is Right, and $20 $100,000,000 Fortune, are coming to bring you tons of winning fun!FB_instant_releases_April_2017

Spending just $1 on the new Gimme 5 ticket gives you a chance to win $5,000.

If you are a lover of the iconic comedy trio Larry, Curly, and Mo, then you are going to love the new $2 Three Stooges instant ticket. This ticket boasts five different unforgettable moments in Three Stooges history. Not only does this ticket look great, but you can win big! With a top prize of $20,000 and over $4.5 million in $10 to $100 prizes, you have some great chances to come out a winner!

Who doesn’t love the awesome game show, The Price is Right? If you are one of the people who do, $5 Price is Right is the ticket for you. It has over $6.6 million in multiplier prizes available, and a top prize of $300,000. If that isn’t enough winning, you also have a chance to win a trip to Hollywood and win $1,000,000!

Last but not least we have the new $20 $100,000,000 Fortune instant ticket! This ticket is prize packed with over $100,000,000 in total cash prizes available! With a top prize of $5,000,000 you really do have a chance to win a fortune! Get your tickets and don’t miss out on the fun!



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