Red Oak Pub is May 1, 2017 Retailer-of-the-Week

NEWARK – Michael Sarap owns Red Oak Pub which is located at 250 Goosepond Drive in Newark, and it is the top KENO retailer in the district. The Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Red Oak Pub as Retailer-of-the- Week for the week of May 1, 2017.

 Sarap says it’s all about customer service. It’s the way he built the business. Lottery sales rep Tom Callaghan agrees. He said Red Oak Pub is his best KENO retailer in the district. Sarap says always offer good service and have plenty of self-service Lottery machines and monitors. The business has a dining area with strategically placed monitors so that customers can view KENO anywhere they sit, and they have another monitor on the patio for guests. Red Oak put two self-serve KENO play systems in place so that there is no waiting.

Selling KENO for five years, they are one of the largest retailers in Licking County. Red Oak Pub managers Scott Firestone and Lincoln Shreve are always looking for ways to increase sales. They go the extra mile in customer service, knowing their customers by name, their families, professions and hobbies. Red Oak Pub’s weekly sales average is $16,439.

Red Oak Pub will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on May 6, 2017. Licking County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WTTE Fox Channel 28 and WSYX ABC Channel 6 in Columbus. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.


Congratulations Red Oak Pub!

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