Winner Wednesday

It’s a great Wednesday for the following winners!

Kimberly Bryan won $1,000,000 after matching five numbers and no Mega Ball number in the April 29, 2017 Mega Million’s drawing.  She said she still can’t believe she won. After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, Bryan receives a lump sum check for $710,000.  She said  she’s buying a house, a car, saving  and sharing some of her windfall with  her boyfriend Kevin. They were his numbers. She bought the ticket at Puffs East. Located at 950 F Ashland Road in Mansfield, Puffs East receives a $1,000 agent bonus for selling a five-of-five winning ticket.

Edward Gerschultz of Toledo won $50,000 on Cash X15.  He bought the ticket from Deanos Mini Mart Too in Toledo. After taxes he receives $35,000. He is using the windfall to pay bills. Cash X15 began selling February 22. You will have a chance at over $39 million in multiplier prizes with the Cash X family of instants. Whether you’re looking to spend 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 dollars, the higher you go in ticket price the more you get to multiply your winnings.

Bryan Puder of Wakeman won $10,000 scratching Cash X50. He bought the winner from Miller’s Market in New London.

Regina Taulbee of  South Lebanon won $300,000 after buying a Special Edition Cashword instant.  She receives $213,000 after taxes. Taulbee said she likes playing all Cashword instants because they take longer to play.  She’s paying off her house, car and medical bills. Taulbee bought the winner from Mason Kwik Mart in Mason.  Mason Kwik Mart receives a $3,000 agent bonus for selling a top prize-winning Special Edition Cashword ticket.

Louis Will of North Ridgeville won $10,000 on the April 21, 2017 Mega Millions drawing. He matched four numbers and the Mega Ball to win $5,000. He said yes to the Megaplier and doubled his prize.




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