Winner Wednesday… celebrate!

 Its’ time to celebrate Winner Wednesday!

Sarah Seeley of Cambridge won $10,000 on $100,000,000 Fortune. Seeley bought ticket from Riesbeck’s in Cambridge.

Shari Aldrich of Jackson won $10,000 on  $500,000 Cashword after buying a ticket from Kroger’s.  She is using the money for  repairs  to her home after a possum got under it and did some damage.

While at the filling station in Jackson, Judy Sturgill of Jackson won $10,000 on 20x The Money. She said the money comes in handy, she’s taking care of bills.

Longtime friends, Janice Thomas and Paulette Chalfant, both of Athens were enjoying an evening out at the American Legion in Murray City. They won $6,000 playing the MPQK and will split the win.

The following winners also won $10,000 playing Ohio Lottery games:

Louis Will of North Ridgeville won on the April 21, 2017 Mega Millions drawing.

Bryan Puder of Wakeman won on Cash X50.

Linda Leonard of Nelsonville  and Barbara Smithberger of Medina each won $10,000 on Ohio’s $500,000 Money Club.

Scott Hinton of Wooster won $1,000,000 on the 4oth Anniversary Millions game. Hinton chose the annuity $40,000 a year for 25 years and receives $28,400 yearly for 25 years after mandatory federal and state taxes. He bought the ticket from South Market Bell Stores in Wooster.

George Jones of Elyria won $500,000 on $500,000 Cashword. He receives $355,000 after taxes. Jones said he is ecstatic about the win because  he grew up in a log cabin with no shoes on his feet and no bath tub. He’s buying a new house in southern Ohio and going deep-sea fishing in Florida.  West River Marathon in Elyria receives a $5,000 bonus for selling the top prize-winning ticket.

Regina Taulbee of  South Lebanon won $300,000 on Special Edition Cashword. She nets $213,000 after mandatory taxes. Mason Kwik Mart in Mason receives a $3,000 bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket in this game.

Dale Kulick of Lorain won $188,000 in the Rolling Cash 5 game. Kulick got his numbers 17 year ago inside a fortune cookie. He started playing the same numbers back when the game was Buckeye 5. They came out in the Rolling Cash 5 game on May 1, 2017.  He bought the ticket from Johnnie’s Carryout in Oberlin. The carry out receives a $500 bonus for selling a top prize Rolling Cash 5 ticket.

Robin Rossego of Ravenna won $110,000 in the May 3, 2017 Rolling Cash 5 drawing. She bought her winner from Certified Oil in Warren. Certified Oil receives a $500 selling bonus.

Pamela Ellis of Lorain won $120,000 on the May 6, 2017 Rolling Cash 5 game. Ellis bought her ticket from 7-Eleven in Lorain. 7-Eleven receives a $500 selling bonus.

Edward Gerschultz of Toledo won $50,000 on Cash X15.

Judy Canterbury of Sheffield Village won $8,591 on EZPLAY Quick Spot.

Congratulations  to All!



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