Winner Wednesday

Winning Ohio Lottery games makes great memories and the following players have lots to remember after winning.

David Poole of East Liverpool  is the 7th  Ohioan to win a $25,000 a year for LIFE prize in the Lucky for Life game. Poole won $25,000 a year for life after buying his ticket from the Four Seasons Mini Mart in East Liverpool for the May 22, 2017 drawing. He took the cash and receives a lump sum of $276,900 after mandatory federal and states taxes totaling 29 percent. Poole says he is giving his daughter and granddaughter some money and saving the rest for retirement. Winning has made the early retirement a possibility. He said he’s been playing the same numbers  since Lucky for Life came to Ohio. He says he will continue playing, hoping lightening will strike twice.

Employees  at the Mini Mart, Misty, Kayla, Pat and Jim were happy too. The Mini Mart receives a $2,500 bonus for selling the winning  ticket.

Amanda Elchyski of Cincinnati won $150,000 scratching the instant, $250,000 A Year for Life.  After taxes she receives $106,500.

John Marcosson of  Thompson came close to winning the May 20, 2017 Powerball. He won $100,000 after matching four numbers, the power play number and saying yes to the multiplier. He used auto pick buying the ticket from Redigo in Chardon. After taxes, he receives $71,000.

James Maziarz of Wellington won $25,000 in the May 28, 2017 evening Pick 5 game.

Arnette Williams of Cleveland won $25,000 playing the May 23, 2017 evening Pick 5 game.

Zachery Bostick of Cleveland won $20,000 on the Queen of Hearts instant.

The following players won $10,000 on Ohio Lottery games.

Dawn Anderson of Newark won $10,000 on 100,000,000 Fortune.

Frances Murray of Elyria won $10,000 on $100,000,000 Fortune.

Terry Hartley of Berlin Heights won $10,000 on $300 Million Diamond Dazzler.

Cynthia Bulechek of Greenwich, Ohio won $8,804 on KENO.

Congratulations to all!


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