Celebrating Summer and Winner Wednesday

Photo courtesy of picjumbo

No matter what the weather is outside, it’s a sunny day here at the Ohio Lottery.  We’re happy for the following players who’ve won some nice-sized prizes in various Ohio Lottery games. They claimed their prizes this past week. Let’s all offer our congratulations and support, and keep the good vibes going!

Tracy Williams of Cincinnati saw fireworks after matching 4 Powerball numbers and adding Power Play for the July 4 Powerball drawing. She won $100,000. Tracy purchased her winning ticket at Kroger Co #942 on Hunt Road in Cincinnati.

Steve Williams of Sharonville won $341,000 playing the Rolling Cash 5 jackpot drawn July 9.  Steve likes to play Rolling Cash 5 when the jackpot reaches $200,000 or more and says he makes sure to never bet more than he can afford to lose. He made his winning ticket purchase at Ameristop #29296 on Fields-Ertel Road in Cincinnati.

Arnette Williams of Cleveland won $25,000 playing the midday Pick 5 drawing July 7.

Duane Williams of Warrensville Heights won $25,205.50 playing the Pick 5 evening drawing July 9.

Congratulations to these and all of this past week’s winners!



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3 Responses to Celebrating Summer and Winner Wednesday

  1. Holly Simmons says:

    July 12 Winner Wednesday post is odd……..All four winning stories, the people’s last name is:WILLIAMS. With the recent corruption lottery which took place in Iowa with a lottery employee, this sounds fishy.

  2. Holly Simmons says:

    Marie Kilbane posted the Winner Wednesday column on July 12. All four of the winners share the same last name of WILLIAMS, whose winnings totaled over 491,205 to WILLIAMS! What a huge coincidence.

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Holly,
      When you first brought this to my attention, I went back to double check and make sure I didn’t make a mistake. Who would have thought? Indeed, these four winners share the same last name. They are also from four distinct locations and have won a variety of games. It’s a popular last name for sure. An interesting coincidence!


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