Let your fingers do the talking

Meet Susan and Gary, the two finger puppet heroes starring in our mini-series brought to you by the Ohio Lottery to promote instant tickets! From embarking on great quests, dodging cave-dwelling monsters and roughing it in the wilderness, Susan and Gary’s 6-part mini-series is bound to draw in the laughs.

I got to watch as the directors and actors made TV magic. Walking into the   shoot, I immediately noticed the humor and the energy coming from both the actors and the directors working on the skits.

Creative Director Eric Holman said, “The inspiration for this idea originated from the want to spark a younger demographic interest in playing instant tickets.” Everyone loves a comedy act, right?

Andy Taylor, the Director of ATO Content, who handled this shoot, described how they chose the actors for this video. “It was easy, considering the art director, and the script writer of this video are the actual finger puppet actors.  Plus, they have nice looking hands.”

The first video will launch the second week of July 26th on Facebook.  Watch for a new Finger Puppet Theater video with each new $5 instant ticket launch.


About sarahdoughertysite

Marketing Intern at The Ohio Lottery Commission. Student at Ohio University's Scripps School of Communication, Class of 2018.
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