Winner Wednesday

When it comes to playing Ohio Lottery games, players and retailers win. The following are winners after playing or selling Ohio Lottery games.

Nicholas Teropoli of Lisbon caught “the big one”  all by himself. He won $150,000 after matching all five numbers in the July 22, 2017 Rolling Cash 5 game.  He receives $106,500 after mandatory federal and state taxes.  Describing  himself as a plain guy, he says he’s keeping his truck and paying off some bills, but he is buying himself a new fishing rod. He used auto pick, purchasing the ticket from Valley View II  in Lisbon. Valley View receives a  $500 agent sales bonus for selling a top prize-winning five-of-five Rolling Cash 5 ticket.

Store clerks Tammy Sauers and Kathy Kimata at Valley View II in Lisbon were all smiles after hearing about Nicholas’ big win. Located at 514 N. market Street, Valley View receives a $500 agent bonus  for selling the winning ticket.

James Moore of Cleveland won it all, a $150,000 top prize  after scratching the instant game, Win It All. He receives $106,500 after mandatory federal and state taxes.

Henry Smith of Maple Heights won $25,000 on the midday July 28, 2017  Pick 5  drawing.

Wyndham Sparling of Waterford won $10,000 on Ultimate Millions.

Brandon Osborne of Grafton won $5,157 on EZPLAY Going Pro.


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