New 3D Instant Coming Soon!

We’re taking our instant ticket game three dimensional with our newest $5 instant ticket, Game of Gold. It’s set to hit your local Ohio Lottery retailer on August 16th. That’s right, our very first 3D instant ticket is here for the winning!download

There are 2 ways to play and win on Game of Gold. Take the traditional route and scratch your way to $300,000, or get interactive with your instant ticket experience. Just download the Ohio Lottery 3D App on your smart phone and play to win!

Once you have purchased your ticket, open the OH Lottery 3D mobile app on your smartphone, and let the fun begin. Scratch the latex on the top half of the ticket to activate the 3D play feature, then allow the OH Lottery 3D to access your camera. Select “PLAY IN 3D” at the top of your screen, hold your mobile device over the ticket, and the 3D experience will launch automatically.

Tap the castle windows to reveal cash prizes and earn experience points! Check the top of the game play area to see how many windows you have remaining. You will be able to earn points, check the leader-board, and share your results via Facebook!

Don’t be left out in the cold, be ready when the winning gets here August 16th! Click here to learn more about Game of Gold.

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