Winner Wednesday is great!

It’s a great Wednesday for some…players and Ohio Lottery retailers.

John Turner of Harrison won $100,000 after matching all five numbers in the Oct. 2, Rolling Cash 5 drawing. He used auto pick and receives $71,000 after mandatory taxes. Turner purchased his winning ticket from Backs Deli & Drive Thru in Harrison. The retailer receives a $500 sales bonus.

And speaking of winning retailers, Fat Rodgers Drive Thru  sold a winning 5-of-5 Rolling Cash 5 ticket for the Oct. 1 drawing. That ticket was worth $120,000. Owner  Rose Kis and  clerk, Issy Greathouse, are happy for the customer who won the game’s top prize.

Nakita Hurt of Cleveland won $25,000 on the evening Sept. 24,  Pick 5 drawing.

Shimaine Scott of Cleveland won $20,000 playing the Willie Wonka Golden Ticket.

Lenora Ritter of Batavia won $10,000 on the Willie Wonka Golden Ticket.

John Bott of Grafton won $10,000 on Max the Money.

Michael Hohman of Sheffield Lake won $10,000 $5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular.

Congratulations to our players and retailers!



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