Winner Wednesday

It’s Winner Wednesday and there’s a whole “lotto” zeros behind the dollar signs for these Lottery winners.

Arthur Black of Cortland is seeing a lot of green after winning a $1 million prize on Max the Money. He was on vacation from his job of 44 years when he bought two-$30 Max the Money tickets.  Black says he like playing this game. Black chose the annuity, $40K yearly for 25 years. Now, he’s retiring! He purchased the winning ticket from Murphy USA in Cortland.

James Streight of Marietta won $100,000 in the final top prize drawing for Special Edition Cashword held September 27, 2017 in the Cleveland Lausche building. One of 38 semi finalist, he purchased the ticket  from Pike Street Duchess in Marietta on July 22,2016.  Streight says Special Edition Cashword is his favorite game and he buys them daily. This was by far his biggest win! He receives $71,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes to use for home improvements. With the help of his wife Margaret, the Lottery prize patrol surprised him at his home on October 12.  Pike Street Duchess received a $1,000 agent bonus for selling the qualifying winning ticket.

James Blunt of Cincinnati won $25,000 playing the October 11,2017 midday Pick 5.






Linda Smith of South Point, with her husband Jerry, were in the Athens regional office after Linda won $10,400 playing Pick 4. Linda said she sensed the presence of her father, so she played his favorite numbers in the October 5 Pick 4.  She had one ticket worth $5000 and the other worth $5,400. Guess dad is still watching over her. She and Jerry will save the win to cover their vacation rental next summer at Holden Beach.

Nancy Sipko of Concord Township won $50,000 playing Bingo X 10.

Regina Smith of Cleveland won $25,000 playing the October 6, 2017 Pick 5.

Christine Lately of Sandusky won $25,000 playing the  October 9, 2017 Pick 5.


Mara Figueroa of Lorain  won $17,777 on the EZPLAY Spooky Sevens.

Congratulations Winners!


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