November Partners in Education Winners

The school year is flying by and the November Partners in Education winners have been selected. Our first November Academic All Star is Taufiq Sharif-Ivey, a dedicated athlete and student at Heights Middle School. Taufiq’s awesome time management skills and focus is recognized by his teachers and peers.

Taufiq Sharif-Ivey

Taufiq Sharif-Ivey

Grady Arend, a math-loving, hard working student, at Paulding Elementary is our next All Star.

“Grady is a respectful and kind young man.  He is a good role model for the other students in class,” says Kelly Buss, a teacher at the school.

Alayna Moreaux, is a student at Milton-Union Middle School. Her teacher, Joseph Knostman, says that he is inspired by her “kindness and openness to work with others.”

TaAliyah Palmer,  a student at Beechcroft High School, is a top performer in academics. TaAliyah is a member of the cheerleading team and is a natural leader.


TaAliyah Palmer

Last but not least we want to recognize Cheyenne Recklaw, a student at James A. Garfield Middle School. Math teacher Vanessa Shafer says that, “Cheyenne is a new 7th grade student to Garfield who has proven great qualities in academics, leadership and attitude.” Recklaw is active in her community and participated in a volunteer activity for meal delivery at a local church.

We can’t forget about the amazing teachers that won Teacher of the Month for November. Lia Radke is one of them. She is a seventh and eighth grade teacher at Heights Middle School.

“Lia Radke is a master teacher who is eager and genuinely tries to help newer teachers become better.  She constantly gives me teaching tools and resources to work with,” says Lynne Gaines, intervention specialist, at the school.

Felipe Romero, of Paulding Elementary, is our next winner. He is described as a  “young and energetic”  kindergarten and first grade teacher. He is “deserving” of the award according to Jan Kohart, 21st Century Grant coordinator at Paulding Exempted Village Schools.

Jodie Lanese is a first grade teacher at Mark Twain Elementary. Lanese is described as genuine and dedicated. Students are excited to be in her classroom and parents are as excited to have Lanese as their child’s teacher.

Janeen Johnson is a teacher and 15-year veteran coach at North College Hill High School.

Karol Warden says, “Janeen wears several hats at North College Hill High School. Devoted to her students and profession of teaching, Janeen goes out of her way to help students be a success.”

Andrea Hoskins is a Teacher of the Month from Circleville Elementary School. It is a culmination of her dedication to her students, their families and peers that leads us to nominate Mrs. Hoskins for the Ohio Lottery Teacher the Month for November,” says Communication Director Evan Debo.


Cassie Goodwin

Cassie Goodwin is a teacher at Morrison-Gordon Elementary School. Parent Alicia Porter said, “When my son started second grade he lacked a lot of confidence in his reading.  Within the first few months of being in her class, our son was excited to go to school and looked forward to reading and learning in general.”  Goodwin is described as “sweet and encouraging.”

Meagan McCoul is a Teacher of the Month for the Ohio Lottery.  She teaches at The Edge Academy, helps to create a school environment in which all students and parents feel welcome.  She does an amazing job of building relationships with both parents and students.

November’s last teacher of the month is from East Palestine Middle School, Nicole Petro. Nicole is a very kind and understanding teacher who is dedicated to student success.  Her care and compassion for current and former students is a wonderful tribute to her character.

Keep up the fantastic job guys and keep those nominations rolling in!

You can nominate an outstanding teacher or student for Teacher of the Month and Academic All star by clicking here. All nominations are due by 5:00 pm on the 10th of every month.

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