Jackpots are Soaring!



The excitement that a big jackpot can generate is so much fun, and we’ve been watching as the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots keep climbing! This is the third time both jackpots have simultaneously soared over $300 million.

Tonight’s Powerball drawing has a jackpot of $420 million and Friday’s Mega Millions drawing has a jackpot of $345 million! TW_MM_345_million

There were 832,933 winning tickets in last night’s Mega Millions drawing, but none were jackpot winners.  Friday’s $345 million jackpot is the ninth largest in the game’s history.

So what happens if you win the jackpot? Once you’ve jumped up and down and screamed and cheered and let the news sink in that you’re a millionaire, make sure you sign your ticket and put it somewhere safe. The ticket is your key to claiming your prize. The jackpot is a lot of money, so take your time in deciding how you would like to take the prize. Many choose to talk to an attorney or financial planner prior to making their claim to determine the best route forward.  Click here to learn more about claiming prizes.

Grab your tickets and get ready for a fun night! You could be our next BIG winner!


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