Winner Wednesday

Hello again Ohio, and welcome to this week’s edition of Winner Wednesday. Check out some of the big winners that came in this past week to make their claim.giphy (35).gif

An Ohioan won the May 4, 2018 Mega Millions drawing, claiming the $143 million jackpot prize in trust. The ABC XYZ Trust chose the $84,023,671 cash option in lieu of the annuity prize.

The KRM Passive Trust claimed a $118,000 jackpot from the March 8, 2018 Rolling Cash 5 drawing.

The Big Sky Trust won a $1-million annuity prize ($40,000 a year for 25 years) on a winning Extreme Millions instant ticket. After opting for the cash payout, the winner receives $360,000!

Renee Wiggins of Cleveland won it all on the Win It All instant ticket! She was astounded after taking home the game’s $150,000 top prize.

James Fazekas of North Ridgeville won $20,000 on the Diamond 10s instant ticket.

Aaron Osborne of Beaver won $10,000 on the Extreme Millions instant ticket.

Last, but surely not least, Amanda Wysocky won a whopping $100,000 on the Royal Gems instant ticket!

Be sure to play tonight’s Powerball drawing! You may win the $60 million jackpot and be in the next edition of Winner Wednesday! Good luck Ohio!

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