New Instant Tickets are Coming

That’s right, on  June 27th some prize filled instant tickets are coming to an Ohio Lottery retailer nearest you. You will have the chance to win millions on these new and exciting tickets.Animated GIF-downsized_large (7).gif

The all new Fast 50s instant ticket has a top prize of $5,000, and you can get your hands on one for just one dollar!

If you are a big fan of our $2 tickets then the new Blazing Hot is your ticket. You could win up to $20,000.

Are you a fan of the awesome singing competition show The Voice? We have an instant ticket just for you.

The $3 The Voice instant doesn’t just have a $50,000 top prize, but you can also enter to win a trip to Los Angeles to see the show live!

Five dollars gives you the chance to win up to $150,0000 on the new 7 instant ticket. The winning doesn’t stop there either! The $5 Million Payout ticket has over $30 million in cash prizes available and a $5 million grand top prize.

Get ready to have a chance at winning some major cash Ohio! Good Luck!


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