Winner Wednesday

The month of August is full of celebration here at the Ohio Lottery. KENO turns 10 and the winners are coming in! Keep reading to see what awesome winnings this week’s winners took home!

Ronald Roof of Oak Hill won $20,000 on the newly released instant ticket, Diamonds & Gold.BARRY WELCH - POWER 5'S - 8.3.18

Barry Welch of New Philly won on a new instant game too. He won $15,000 on the Power 5s game.

Jeffory Zech of West Salem won $10,000 on the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket instant.


Steven Ghee of Ironton won $10,000 on the $100 Million Money Explosion instant ticket.

Debbie Grooms of Nashport won $10,000 on the Cash Times 50 instant ticket.

Tressie Burdoff of Grafton and Paul of Rocky River are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of KENO by winning KENO.  Tressie won $10,032 and Paul won $8,814!

Congrats to all of our winners! Don’t forget you have to play to win! The Powerball jackpot is $223 million, and the next winner could be you!


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