Carey Sunrise Oil Corporation is named Retailer-of-the-Week

Gurjit Singh and Amadeep Singh, owners of Carey Sunrise Oil Corporation.

Gurjit Singh and Amadeep Singh, owners of Carey Sunrise Oil Corporation.

CAREY, OH – Attention to detail, impeccable organization, and welcoming customer service have earned Carey Sunrise Oil Corporation recognition as this week’s Ohio Lottery Retailer-of-the-Week.

“Friendly, fast, and clean” is the motto of North Vance Street Sunrise. The friendly service and pleasant greeting are just a few of the many perks owner Andy Singh can offer his customers.

“We have a dedicated Lottery area that is very comfortable for our customers,” Andy explains. “There are tables and chairs so customers can talk among themselves while playing the Lottery.”

Carey Sunrise Oil Corporation has been in business selling Ohio Lottery games for more than six years, and always advertises winners to promote new Lottery players. Andy’s advice for other Lottery retailers is to keep a clean store with full ticket dispensers and always give customers the best service.

Carey Sunrise Oil Corporation will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on July 25. Wyandot County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on either ELIO TV-9, EOHL TV-11, or WOHL TV-12 in Lima. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

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Brent Finamore croppedIt’s been a busy week of claims, and we know you want to know where the winners are! So, here’s a few to round out the week.

Brent Finamore of Cincinnati is sharing in the winning fun. He was feeling lucky when he bought a Lucky Streak instant ticket. He won $5,500 and a Top Prize Drawing entry! Brent bought his winning ticket at Shri Food Market. Congratulations, Brent.

Stephanie prince

Stephanie Prince of Collins cashed in on $200,000 Match. She won $50,000! She’ll have a good time figuring out how she’s going to spend her big win. Congratulations, Stephanie!

This just in: two $10,000 winners made their claim today. John Bott from Lorain County played $100,000 A Year for Life at his local Convenient store and walked away with $10,000! And Shannon Shafer from Medina won $10,046 playing Keno. What a great way to start the weekend! Congratulations John and Shannon.

Good luck to all of our players! Have a wonderful weekend!

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$100,000 Win Equals Early Birthday Surprise

Just two days before his birthday, Nathan Bailey of Prospect instantly won $100,000 on the Bingo Times 10 instant ticket.


Nathan bought the ticket at Village Pantry in Kenton, but he had no idea that he was purchasing such an awesome birthday gift for himself! After scratching all eight bingo cards on the ticket, Nathan realized that he had won the top prize. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Nathan!

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Winner Wednesday!

Winners! Winners! Read all about them!

Cynthia of Reynoldsburg knew what numbers to choose when she played Pick 4 at the local Marathon gas station. Those lucky numbers brought her two winning tickets equaling $10,800! Nice pick Cynthia!Cynthia Stewart

Christopher Metcalf of Litchfield and Nancy Brammer from Wellington are each $5,500 richer after playing their instant tickets! Christopher played Lotta Bucks and Nancy played Bingo Times 10, and both are lucky winners. So is our next winner, Douglas Beck! Douglas scratched off $10,000 after playing LuckyLoot in Amherst last week.

Our next winner is a frequent visitor from New York. Stibert Henry is a UPS driver who drives through many places on his route. One of his favorite parts of being able to drive through so many different states is being able to play different lottery tickets from each Stibery Henryone! Stibert always makes sure to grab some Ohio Lottery tickets before going on his way. He made the right choice by playing $500,000,000 Spectacular in at the Erie View Plaza on the Ohio Turnpike. Stibert drove home with $50,000! Congratulations Stibert and thanks again for playing in Ohio.

Raymond Massingill of Cleveland has always found special meaning in the date of JanuaryRaymond Massingill (2) 2, 2014 because it’s the day his youngest daughter was born. Now he might consider her his lucky charm. Raymond played 1-0-2-1-4 in the Pick 5, in celebration of his daughter’s birthday, and won $25, 000!

Last but certainly not least is Steven from Wellington. Steven played Special Edition Cashword and to his surprise went home with $100,000! Congratulations Steven and to all of our Lottery players. Always be on the lookout for new games and opportunities to win by visiting our website Good luck!

– Mia Delcalzo and Gia Evans, Communications

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In the Know has the Rundown of July Fun!

It’s July, and that means the Ohio State Fair is around the corner! Get the latest on where we’ll be at the fair, check out some of our recent big winners and hear from fellow players about how they like to play their favorite Ohio Lottery games on In the Know!

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On the Road with the Ohio Lottery

As an Ohioan, you know that just about anywhere you go you can find a local gas station, convenient store, or hangout spot to play the Ohio Lottery. With more than 9,000 locations across the state, chances are there is an Ohio Lottery retailer near you. That’s a lot of opportunities to win!

But with so many locations available to players, how does the Lottery keep track of them all? Luckily, our sales representatives are experts at ensuring our retailers get you the newest games and the most up-to-date services we can offer.

Sales representatives are responsible for various regions throughout the state, usually covering no more than 150 retailers for their district. Their job is to visit their set of retailers and make sure they have everything they need to better serve customers. Their main goal is to increase sales at each retailer through a variety of tasks. It might be filling extra pencils and scratchers, or checking up on new equipment and inventory.  Our representatives make sure all the games are ready to play.

W15-Sandra Krakora2e wanted to experience exactly what our sales representatives do on a daily basis and meet some retailers along the way! So, we met up with Sandra Krakora, sales representative for Parma, Cleveland, and Middleburg Heights area retailers. Sandra has worked for the Lottery for over two years and loves being out on the road.

“I really enjoy getting to know so many different people,” she says. “I have really gotten to know these people and want their business to succeed.” Together, Sandra and the business owners she works with provide a safe and fun environment for playing the Lottery.

Sandra has 110 retailer stops along her route.  We stopped at five. One of our stops was Yorktown Service Plaza, located in Parma. This store is a convenient stop, complete with fresh food, gas, a car wash, and of course, Ohio Lottery games. Yorktown Service Plaza is also one of the top five in Sandra’s district. Lottery retailers make 5.5% commission on every Lottery sale.

After Yorktown, we visited Heights Deli Mart, Pounders Bar and Grill, Flyers and Yorktown Lanes. While visiting, we even saw a few winners! Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our retailers for the hard work that you do.

Who is your favorite retailer and why?  Let us know!

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Breaking Records, Helping Fund Education

OH! Logo High resThe Ohio Lottery reached an all-time record for education funding this year, contributing $990 million to the Lottery Profits Education Fund! That’s an all-time record!

The opening of two new racinos combined with the popularity of instant tickets and the continued growth of KENO and EZPLAY® Games contributed to our tenth consecutive year of profit growth.

We couldn’t have done it without our players! Lottery players purchased $1.5 billion worth of Ohio Lottery instant games.  We could not be more appreciative as those profits will go back to education and benefit Ohio children.

Together, let’s make 2016 another record breaking year!

-Mia Delcalzo, Communications

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