Big Prizes on New Instants

Check out the new instant tickets coming to you on September 6th. These all new prize packed tickets are sure to give you bang for your buck.


The $2 Joker’s Wild ticket gives you a chance to win up to 10 times along with a $20,000 top prize.

With multiple lines of play on the $3 Gold Mine ticket, you’ll have a chance at $50,000.

Five dollars can win you $300,000 with the all new $300,000 Diamond Dollars.

The winning doesn’t stop with these awesome games either. The new $20 Willy Wonka Golden Ticket gives you a shot at a $5,000,000 prize! Your non-winning tickets get you into the Billion Dollar Challenge Second Chance Drawing for a 4 day/3 night trip to Las Vegas, and an opportunity to play for one billion dollars! Enter your non-winning tickets through MyLotto Rewards and play the Willy Wonka Chocolate Tower interactive game to earn additional entries into the second chance drawing.

Don’t miss out on some huge prizes. Get in on the winning!


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Another Winner Wednesday

Another Winner Wednesday and players have claimed over $750,000 in winnings after playing Ohio Lottery games!

Emma Washington of South Euclid  won $200,000 on the August 21, 2017 Powerball drawing. Washington had four numbers and the Powerball number for a $50,000 prize. She said yes to the multiplier — and that number “4” quadrupled her win.

Darlene Craven of Brook Park won $150,000 on the  August 12, 2017 Rolling Cash 5 game. She purchased her winning ticket from Marc’s in Middleburg Heights. She picked the  numbers. Marc’s receives a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

John Lind of Grove City won $130,00 playing the August 25, 2017 Rolling Cash 5 game. He bought his ticket from Onestop in Grove City. He’s been playing the same numbers for years, the birthdays of his loved ones.  Onestop receives a $500 agent bonus for selling a winning Rolling Cash 5 ticket.

Samantha  Maxwell of Pataskala had a lot to celebrate during the month of August.  She turned 22  years old on August 2. A few days later she celebrated again. She won $100,000  on the Ultimate Millions instant ticket game. It was the first time she  bought a $20 instant. She ‘s going to use her windfall to buy a new car, go to school and invest. She bought the ticket from Pataskala Beer and Wine Drive Thru while waiting for her boyfriend. She said she got bored and decided to buy a $20 instant. That boredom led to $100,000 worth of  excitement!

Ernesto Velez of Lorain won$50,000 on the August 19, Powerball game.

Gary Grant of Nelsonville won $28,000 playing the Pick 4.  Grant said he’s been playing the Pick 4 for a long time and won $1,500 last year on that same Pick 4.  Last week he had a hunch and played those same numbers again.  He ‘s buying his wife a new vehicle.

Cassandra Thompson of Cleveland Heights won $27,958 on the August 23, 2017 evening Pick 5 game.

Tonya Washington of Cleveland Heights won $25,000 on the August 22, 2017 evening Pick 5 game.

Michael McCann of Logan won $20,000 on Platinum Millions.

Fernando Lopez won $10,000 on Million Dollar Payday.

John Petro of  Medina won$10,000 on Game of Gold.

Homer Yommer of Elyria won $10,000 on $5 Million Cash Showcase.

Brian Edgell of Vermillion won $10,000 on $300 Million Diamond Dazzler.

Congratulations Winners!




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Ameristop Food Mart #29118 named August 28, 2017 Retailer-of-the-Week

MIDDLETOWN – Joe Handcock owns Ameristop Food Mart #29118 at 6583 Cincinnati-Dayton Road. Deborah Rodriquez manages it. Between the two of them and the other employees who run the Lottery machine, there is a genuine interest in the lives of their customers and that’s how they run their business. The Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Ameristop Food Mart #29118 as Retailer-of-the-Week for the week of August 28, 2017.

To promote the Lottery, they have a dedicated Lottery table that has everything needed to play for hours. Signs of big wins are hung to ensure that observers know that this place means business when it comes to selling winning tickets. The staff also makes sure that they know about the various Lottery games, how to play them and the jackpot amounts.

Lottery sale representative, Sean Lemieux notes that Deborah is very knowledgeable about the different Lottery games and she knows all her customers. She will ask for the sale. Deborah says to be successful you need to learn Lottery and display winning tickets, players want to know that your business sells winners.

Ameristop Food Mart #29118 carries 60 instant games and has a weekly sales average of $17,285 for instant and on-line games.

Ameristop Food Mart #29118 will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on September 2. Hamilton County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WCPO ABC Channel 9 in Cincinnati. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Congratulations Ameristop Food Mart #29118!









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Behind the Scenes: Game of Gold Commercial Shoot

An average Ohio Lottery commercial is about 30 seconds long. Doesn’t sound like much, right? So when I signed up to go on set to observe the making of the new Game of Gold instant ticket commercial, I expected to be a little underwhelmed. I could not have been more wrong.

I arrived at the set around 10 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. The set was built in a very obscure building with a “For Lease” sign out front. I thought to myself, “well this should be interesting.” As I walk in I see this extraordinary set that was hand built from top to bottom. The very crew that was preparing to film the commercial had put in hours of hard work building the set itself. Cameras, booms, and people were all around me. I was filled with excitement to see what was next.

In walks the lead actress of the commercial and the real fun began. After the director fills her in on how he would like the lines to be delivered, the filming begins. Trying to fit in a concept and deliver a message in 30 seconds is a lot harder than it appears. Take after take she tries to nail her lines in the 13 seconds that she was given. After two hours she perfects the lines and it’s time to bring in the lead actor. Then came the final filming, for what I soon realized was the first half of the commercial. The two actors read their lines time after time until everything from their facial expressions to the placement of their feet was flawless.

Watching the commercial shoot from beginning to end was quite the experience. The detail and time that went into the set alone was pretty amazing. After being a part of something like this I now see commercials in a whole new light. As I sit and watch commercials these days I can’t help but to think “Wow, I wonder how long it took to shoot this thing?” If playing Game of Gold is half as fun as it was to watch this commercial being made, you are in for one heck of a good time!

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$700 Million Powerball Jackpot

FB_PB_700_millionI’m sure you’ve heard! The Powerball jackpot has reached $700 million for tonight’s drawing! It’s the second highest jackpot in Powerball history, and the excitement is bringing players out for their chance to win it all.

You can purchase your Powerball ticket at any Ohio Lottery retail location or skip the line and buy your ticket at a self-service terminal.

What if you win? You’ll probably jump up and down and scream with excitement, of course! There’s no need to read the numbers over and over to make sure you’re the winner. Just scan your ticket using the Ohio Lottery mobile app, available in the iTunes and Google Play stores, and it will tell you the results. You can also scan your ticket at a self-scanner in any Ohio Lottery retail location.

Next step, sign the back of your ticket and put it somewhere safe! An actual safe is probably a good idea. Your Powerball ticket is the only way to claim your prize so you don’t want it going through the wash or flying out the car window. The $700 million jackpot is a lot of money, so be sure to consult with a financial expert before you claim your prize so you’ve got a plan for what you’re going to do with it.  Then give our office a call and set up your appointment to claim the prize. Click here for a list of Ohio Lottery offices. 

It’s going to be a fun night! Good luck! We’ll be waiting for our big winner!


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Another Winner Wednesday

Yes, it’s another week of windfalls for Lottery players!

Joseph Russell of Westchester won $25,000 a year for life in the August 14, Lucky for Life game. Russell used auto pick and chose the annuity. After taxes he receives $17,750 yearly for a lifetime or 20 years, whichever is greater. Kroger’s in West Chester receives a $2,500 bonus for selling the second tier prize-winning Lucky for Life ticket.

Buehlers in Canton sold a $1,000,000 Mega Millions ticket in the August 11, 2017  Mega Millions game.  Connie and Anthony, clerks at Buehlers, were very excited about selling a second tier prize-winning ticket. Buehlers receives a $1,000 agent selling bonus.

Diana Boisseaux of East Liverpool won $150,000 on the August 16, 2017 Powerball drawing. She matched four numbers and said yes to Power Play.

Daniel Taylor of Wadsworth won $100,000 in the Bingo Times Ten Top Prize Drawing held July 5, 2017. Taylor receives $71,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes.  Stop-N-Go receives a $1,000 bonus for selling the qualifying winning ticket. Taylor is using his windfall to pay off his mortgage.


Fernando Lopez of Elyria won $10,000 after scratching Million Dollar Payday.

The Powerball jackpot has hit $700,000,000! Get your ticket for tonight’s drawing and make it a Winner Wednesday for yourself!



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Beverage Oasis is August 21,2017 Retailer-of-the-Week

SPRINGFIELD – Jignesh(Jake) Patel might be the Lottery retailer who owns the business at 1953 Yellow Spring Street, but still he gets excited and shares in the joy when customers win. The Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Beverage Oasis as Retailer-of-the-Week for the week of August 21, 2017.

At this location, since April 2015 the staff is well versed in Lottery games and will make suggestions to players that generate additional sales. The store has been remodeled creating a play area that ensures the inventory is sufficient. Beverage Oasis sells a high volume of on-line tickets and carries 66 instant games over the counter.

Sales representative Jim Dooley says the employees here engage with Lottery players and Jake has built up the business from the time that he took over. That total makeover has help increase sales. Their weekly sales average for instant and on-line games is $12,350.

Beverage Oasis will be recognized on Cash Explosion®, the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, on August 26. Clark County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WHIO CBS Channel 7 in Dayton. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.




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